Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what a weekend!

Twenty-eight degrees plus sleet plus Horace running in loafers plus Jim blowing out his kneee...
don't know if we'll be doing the Disney Half Marathon again!
Atleast we got to meet Little Man Jenkins! What a cutie and a trooper!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a year in review...

Camping trip to Cumberland Island with long walks, fast bike rides, and Rayanne's delicous soup! Disney half marathon with the Bruner's and Moody's, then straight to Atlanta for market! And Super Bowl Party with friends and family at Barrington!
Ribbon cutting for Lavish, jamming out to Lilly Allen at Barrington for Valentine's Day, lots of dreming of a loft in London (still on our mind) and snuggly mornings with Curtis and Mav!
Trip to Destin with Danielle and Sean, Tidalwave and Beachbum (Mav and Curtis), and St. Patty's day at Chez Pierre and Fennigan's.

Spring Break 0-9 with the Moody's in Cuzumel!! Put an offer on our first house as the cruise ship took off! And amazing morning sunrise runs on the golf course with Brandi, Liz and Stephanie...

Purchased our first home! 510 North Crawford Street, the Woodson-Dekle House! Over 150 years old with lots of charm!

Karaoke parties with Thomasville friends, working in the yard, and playing "house" for real!

Beer factory tour that changes Brent's life! Sweetwater Blue in Atlanta and Terrapin in Athens (where we meet a couple just like us!!)

Brent ventures into homebrew: Moody Brews IPA is his first batch and gets 2 thumbs up!! Another first for Brent : High Hampton. Morning runs on the golf course, turtleback, ping-pong, happy hour, hiking...
And we meet with THE Charlie Whitney to help us "Domino" our home!

Trip to Buffalo to cheer on Garrison and see Niagara Falls! First NFL game with 2nd row seats! And Garrison did great!

Celebrated 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Brent coached 5th and 6th grade football at Brookwood Nancy ran (sort of!) Pinerun, enjoyed fall in our new home and Halloween in our new little town! Purchase Chez Sois in Tallahassee from Mommy and Daddy!

1 Year Anniversary for Lavish, Jingle Jublilee event in Tallahassee, and Plantation & Wildlife Party.

Brent's 25th Birthday celebration with friends and family at our home, long days at Lavish, and New Year's Eve in NEW YORK CITY with the Bruner's!

What a wonderful 2009!