Monday, August 22, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Destin to Port St. Joe

Friday Morning: Horace, Laura, Brent and me leaving Legendary Marina in Destin, headed to Port St. Joe!
A bunch of little boats that went with us!
They were a little antsy leaving the coral.
But we had Captain Moody keeping us on path.
First Canal just East of Choctaw Bay

We made it! Unfortunatley, Saturday morning before our scalloping trip, Horace was sent to Bay Medical for a minor heart attack. We were SO thankful that everything was taken care of before the weekend was over.

Pontoon's headed to the secret spot on the northside of Cape San Blas.

Shucking with Crooked/Grandaddy Knife.
With a Grandaddy look-alike.

A beautiful sunrise just before we embarked on our trip home.
See you later fellow Legendary Scallopers!

Entering East Bay on our way back home.