Friday, October 28, 2011

In the Kitchen...

We have new shelving which I hope to arrange and organize tonight.  Funsies!

Monday, October 24, 2011

We Had Company!

This weekend Tara and Garrison came down all the way from Buffalo to visit with us! Well, they also had some other important reasons for visiting Florida, but we made sure to manage our time with them as best as we could!  Curtis has always been a fan of Tara, but it was stepped up a notch when he realized that her blanket was HEATED!

Saturday we started things off right with cornhole, chili, and terrapin beer (played Maryland, get it?!) at this tailgate.

So the main reason for Garrison and Tara's visit down south was because Garrison was an honorary team captain for Saturday's game, which gave all of us pregame passes on the field!

Sara and Jason also came to visit!

Brent and Garrison with Clint Purvis

So glad I blogged this before we forgot about the entire weekend :)
This weekend was also our first official weekend moved back in our Thomasville home. Yay!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

3 years ago today...

"Choose your love, love your choice"
I could not have chosen any better.
He is as good as it gets!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wrapping things up at Crawford!

Here are a few pictures of where things are over at Crawford.  Besides adding lighting and few things in the bathroom, the upstairs is pretty much complete and ready to be decorated.  I will get better pictures at that point with real bedding and organized or hidden clutter.  

Still have a little ways to go in the kitchen and we are about to wrap up the painting in the dining room.  For now we are dusting, dusting, and dusting!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Anniversary in the Airstream!

This past weekend we packed up the boys and headed to Grayton Beach to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary.  Saturday night we stayed with Horace and Laura in San Destin and woke up and walked four miles with Horace.  Curtis went with us and in this first picture you can see that he is doing a combination of sleeping, smiling, and resting in the hammock!
After setting up our campsite we went to Great Southern Cafe for mojito's and dinner, then rode our bikes back as the sun was setting.  We stopped along western lake to enjoy it!

The next morning the beach was beautiful!  If only we had an umbrella we would have stayed there ALL DAY!

Can't stay in Seaside without a trip to the Taco Bar...
Did a little cruising searching for our dream house...
And more hammock time with the Little Man...

Then caught sunset at Seaside before we headed to The Red Bar for dinner.

The next morning we took paddle board lessons with Tom, the founder of Yolo.  Did you know that yolo stands for "You Only Live Once"?

I forgot to mention, we also made a late night run to get Benadryl for Maverick's face.  He had an allergic reaction to something and it ballooned up.  He spent the rest of the weekend knocked out in his bed.