Thursday, March 17, 2011

Old St. Patty's Days!

I didn't realize I was such a St. Patty's Day participant, but looking back through our pictures, I guess I am! Atleast since Brent has been around!

2006 at Chez Sois

2007 at the Palace, maybe? or when we went to the warehouse to listen to Irish music for Brent's Irish History class. Carolyn and I got bored!

Couldn't find 2008... can't even remember what we did! But in 2009 we went to Chez Pierre for Irish music alfresco, then to Finnigan's.

And last year, we had no real plans and ended up going to a Mexican Restraunt.
Brent is hoping to make up for it this year with Barefoot Contessa's fish & chips. Yumm...

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Sanborn's Wedding

Yes, it was a beautiful and fun wedding, but let's talk about the location! I do love our Historic Greek-Revival style home and it's simplicity (and history), but after staying the weekend at the Club Continental on the St. John's River, I realized that my dream home is, and always has been, a 1920's Mediterranean style. I love everything about it: the terraces, fountains, arches, windows, flowering hibiscus trees, and red-tiled roof. The Club Continental has a fascinating history. It was build by the son of the founder of the Palmolive Soap Company in the 1920's as a winter retirement home and is now a Dining and Tennis Club and six bedroom bed and breakfast. Our room over-looked the ceremony site, so as I was getting ready for the wedding it reminded me of my own wedding!
After the reception we went to an after party at a Pub on the property that was a pre-Civil War Cottage. In the 1890's it was a Men's Golf Club House. Bet you didn't know this, Brent...learned it while you were in the bathroom!
What a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Seaside Half Marathon Post Race

Be Back Next Year!

Because you, Seaside Half Marathon, are my favorite race year after year. Hopefully next year we'll have more sun than clouds!

Pictures in Watercolor

Monday morning after we finished packing, we stopped by the Watercolor park so I could work on my photography a little. I do believe this is the spot where Marla Carter takes her infamous family portraits. I was really hoping we might run into her so I could see the pro in action!