Friday, February 17, 2012

Cedar Keyster

Growing up I always loved our trips to Cedar Key because we were there with a houseful of friends, we would walk or ride bikes to town for ice cream, and did I mention, I was with all of my friends?!
But this year I finally realized why Sasa and Grandaddy would drive to a little "dump town" with no beach weekend after weekend. This year, I actually woke to see the beautiful sunrise.  And I appreciated the hodge-podge group of people that travel there from all around the world.  And I ate seafood.  Good seafood!
I will say, it was awfully cold in the mornings, though!
But it quickly warmed up and was perfect for a bike ride to town.
Always looks the same...
Of course the best part is having wonderful friends to spend the weekend with!

And here is a video that Daddy made 28 years ago, when they were our age!